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Um momento inédito no jornalismo angolano e na agenda de um Chefe de Estado deste país.

Vamos buscar apenas aquilo que produzimos e, muitas vezes, o que produzimos fica apenas no papel. As grandes empresas têm de dar subempreitadas às pequenas e médias, para que estas também possam Texto Discursivo de Espacos Educativos. E as obras grandes existem. A minha atitude seria muito diferentemuito mais dura. Ler mais Pesquisa ver todas 2 de Fevereiro, Pesquisa de opiniao, Colunas Mundo Africano ver todas 26 de Julho, Editorial ver todas 2 de Fevereiro, Horizontes ver todas 13 de Agosto, opiniao Nos tempos que correm ver todas 27 de Novembro, As Subesferas ver todas 22 de Dezembro, Crónicas à Média Luz ver todas 2 de Maio, Nova Ordem Internacional ver todas 5 de Novembro, Of the panelists who responded to the invitation A random subset of the subpanel receive occasional invitations to participate in these online focus groups.

For this report, a total of 26 panelists participated in one of three online focus groups conducted during August and March Sampling error for the total sample of respondents is plus or minus 4. The authors would like to acknowledge the generous contributions of the various outside reviewers who offered their insights at various stages of this project. In particular, we would like to thank: In addition, the authors are grateful for the ongoing editorial, methodological and production-related support provided by the staff of the Pew Research Center.

While we greatly appreciate all of these contributions, the authors alone bear responsibility for the presentation of these findings, as well as any omissions or errors.

Public Perceptions of Privacy and Security in the Post-Snowden Era 2018

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Most are aware of government efforts to monitor communications More than a year after contractor Edward Snowden leaked documents about widespread government surveillance by the NSA, the cascade of Pesquisa stories about opiniao revelations continue to register widely among the public. Yet, Pesquisa de opiniao, even as Americans express concern about government access to their data, they feel as though government could do more to regulate what advertisers do with their personal information: Most say they want to do more to protect their privacy, but many believe it is not possible to be anonymous online When it comes to their own role in managing the personal information they feel is sensitive, most adults express a desire to take additional steps to protect their data online: Context matters as people decide whether to disclose information or not One of the ways that people cope with the challenges to their privacy online is to employ multiple strategies for managing identity and reputation across different networks and transactions.

Different types of information elicit different levels of sensitivity among Americans Social security numbers are universally considered to be the most sensitive piece of personal information, Pesquisa, opiniao media tastes and purchasing habits are among the least sensitive categories of data.

This opiniao is a collaborative effort based on the input and analysis of the following individuals: Acknowledgements The authors would like to acknowledge the generous contributions of the various outside reviewers who offered their insights at various stages of this project.

The original margin of error provided by the vendor and published here 3. However, the analysis in the report was based on the more conservative design effect and the significance of the findings is not affected by this change. Related Publications Jan 4, Interactives Jul 11,

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