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Mostly young settled people are inserted in the struggle for land as a result of the decision of their parents. Therefore, from this fight they will have to re construct their life projects within the settlement, tensioned by transformations of the rural world and characteristic problems of the youth in rural areas. From a participatory research through focus group technique, with the yet existing Youth Group, the processes and vectors that act on constructing the life plans of young people settled concerning Vale da Esperança settlement were discussed.

The data were analyzed using the technique of Categorization of Content Analysis, which pointed to the importance of the form of insertion of the classes on land as well as activities of the social mediators in the space appropriation and construction of life projects for the settlement itself.

This paper examines the ways that the socioeconomic characteristics of family farmers influence the adoption process or construction of knowledge in Banco da Terra Settlement in Nova Xavantina, Mato Grosso State, Brazil. The focus of this qualitative study included, in addition to literature, field observations and the application of 25 questionnaires with settled producers.

Thus, it is concluded that these characteristics outlined serve as a warning to local extension, for promoting highly dependent - labor knowledge or more complex skills that present a high risk of rejection or failure, A IMPORTANCIA DA APLICACAO DO MARKETING NOS SEGMENTOS DE ATACADO E VAREJO.

Thus, the most assertive way NOS for the extension is from this economic reality to establish a dialogue with settled families. The objective of the present study is to analyze the long-run relation of ethanol price in different producing states in Brazil: Moreover, these states showed non perfect integration with the states of North-Northeast and Mato Grosso. The states of North-Northeast region are perfectly integrated.

Porém, o efeito residual foi de pouca relevância. Basing on theories that seek to relate poverty, inequality and economic growth, the aim of this A Tecnologia Educacao is to decompose the variation of poverty through the following factors: It starts from the estimation of MARKETING statistics model with data in a panel, using the following variables: On this methodology is valid to point that the trend effect is possГvel POLITICA DE CISTERNAS poderia distinction, A IMPORTANCIA DA APLICACAO DO MARKETING NOS SEGMENTOS DE ATACADO E VAREJO, once it was not used yet in decomposition to rural area, A IMPORTANCIA DA APLICACAO DO MARKETING NOS SEGMENTOS DE ATACADO E VAREJO, but just for urban zone.

Concerning about the aspect of poverty reduction, the results found show that, in most part of states, the growth effect excelled over the others during the analyzed period. Nevertheless, the distribution effect also had its importance in the process, followed by the trend effect.

However, the residual effect had little relevance. O Comportamento do Preço da Terra Agrícola: After literature review of the IMPORTANCIA studies of this field, the determinants of land price and methodology to be used were identified.

For this purpose, we estimate the empirical model for price of agricultural land through spatial data panel.

Empirically, the study advanced by estimating through panel data and considering the influence of spatial effects on the agricultural land price, highlighting the importance of the location and neighborhood in the price determination.

Results point out that castor bean prices in Bahia are structurally volatile, a price increase leads to a higher instability, and PNPB raised castor bean price volatility in Bahia. As farmers are risk averse, the PNPB became castor bean cultivation less attractive, SEGMENTOS may have contributed VAREJO the null use of castor bean as a raw material within the program. Foram realizadas avaliações físico-químicas, sensorial e um estudo de mercado.

Os parâmetros SST, Acidez, pH e peso variam significativamente com as variedades, sendo as papaias da variedade Local mais pesadas. The objective of O Periodo do Ouro no Brasil study was to characterize the quality APLICACAO of two ATACADO papaya varieties Solo and Local produced in Santiago, Cape Verde, and define the attributes that the distributors are looking for.

Physicochemical assessments, sensory evaluation and a market study were carried out. The parameters evaluated were the weight, internal color pulpexternal color skinpulp thickness, and skin color, texture, thickness of the flesh, pH, titratable acidity, TSS, sensory evaluation and a questionnaire was applied to importers of papaya.

The parameters TSS, acidity, pH and weight vary significantly within varieties and papayas of Local variety are heavier.

The texture varies depending on the degree of ripeness, firmness shows a decrease during ripening, for deformation a decrease is noticed with advancing of maturation, the external and internal color differences are in the interaction between Variety x Maturation. Increased pressure on water resources has led many countries to reconsider the mechanisms used in the induction of efficient water use, especially for irrigated agriculture, a major consumer of water.

Establishing the correct price of water is one of the mechanisms for more efficient allocation of water. This paper aims to analyze the economic, social and essenenvironmental impacts of water price policies. The methodology used is the linear programming, applied to the Irrigated Valley Caxito, in Bengo Province, 45 kilometers from Luanda, which has the river Dande as its source.

Three scenarios concerning water price policies were tested: The main findings show that from the point of view of the efficient use of water in agriculture, the best results are obtained with variable volumetric rate; from the social point of view, the simple volumetric rate has the best results; the volume variable rate method proved to be the most penalizing, quickly reducing the area of most water consuming cultures, being the method in which the environmental objectives would be more readily achieved.

Either methods bring negative aspects in relation to the reduction of total gross margin. Considerando-se o método do fluxo de caixa descontado, obteve-se estimativas que apontam para a atratividade econômica do plantio de cana em ambas as regiões, haja vista a resposta positiva dos Valores Presentes Líquidos calculados.

Apart from the traditional viability analysis, the study incorporated the Real Options Theory analysis, which includes managerial flexibility on the investor decision model. Considering the discounted cash flow method, we obtained estimates pointing to the economic attractiveness of sugarcane planting in both regions, as shown by the positive response of the Net Present Values calculated.

This evidence was corroborated when using the Real Options Theory, which incorporates flexibility on the decision model. Price and quality of sugarcane and agricultural productivity presented the higher impact on the financial viability of projects. Actions focused on agricultural productivity gains are seen as motivating for financial gain, while in terms of public policy we mention the possibility of adjustments in C gasoline pricing systems and in the taxation on sugarcane byproducts.

Países da América Latina, incluindo o Brasil, apresentam níveis de perdas pós-colheita de produtos agrícolas superiores aos observados em países mais desenvolvidos. O presente estudo teve como objetivo estimar os impactos que a economia brasileira poderia obter caso os níveis destas perdas no País fossem reduzidas para os níveis observados em países de alta renda.

In the countries of Latin America, including Brazil, the levels of losses in the post-harvest stages of agricultural products is higher than that observed for more developed countries. The present study estimated the impacts of reduction in post-harvest losses of agricultural products to levels observed in countries of high income.

We calculated this reduction and, using the input-output matrix of Brazil, estimated the impacts that this drop in losses could have on the Brazilian economy. These impacts are due to the increase in the following services: These results illustrate that, in view of the great importance of agricultural products for the Brazilian economy, the reduction in losses after harvest can generate substantial economic benefits for the country.

Os assessores externos prestam apoio técnico e político, além de facilitarem o acesso a recursos financeiros. Ambos, lideranças locais e assessores externos, têm papel importante no desenvolvimento local. The land tenure pattern is based on fragmentation by inheritance, and its formal registration enables a peculiar form of organization that ensures the population certain autonomy in collective decisions on local development. The goal of this article is to check who has power and responsibility in the process of collective action coordination, the profile and the role of these actors.

The method is based on qualitative research, combining the use of witness statements, documentary and bibliographical sources. Intentional non-probability sampling was used for the definition of the actors to be interviewed.

The conclusion points that power and responsibility are delegated to two types of local leaders, who hold the recognition and legitimacy to meet the demands inherent in the work of collective activities coordination or for mediation between the location, the external advisors and the world, keeping on autonomy.

The external advisors provide technical and political support, and facilitate the access to financial resources. Both local and external advisors leaders play an important role in local development, but are dependent on the local organization that has created mechanisms to build cooperation and coordination of action of those involved.

A Demanda por Vinho no Brasil: O objetivo deste trabalho é analisar o mercado brasileiro de vinho e suas recentes mudanças do lado da demanda.

Do lado da demanda por vinhos importados no mercado doméstico, através de um Vetor Autorregressivo estrutural VARconstatou-se que a maior parte da variância da quantidade do produto importado é explicada pela renda e pelo preço do produto, enquanto o câmbio apresentou menor poder explicativo.

The aim of this study is to analyze the Brazilian market of wine and its recent changes on the demand. One of the hypotheses that guides this work is that the recent increase in household income in real terms and the appreciation of Real against dollar quotes, that happened between untilhave contributed to a shift in the consumption profile of main alcoholic beverages in Brazil. It was observed that the demand for wine is less price elastic than beer but not compared to other alcoholic beverages.

Changes in income appear to have almost the same impact on wine and beer consumption than other drinks, less elastic. Regarding the supply of imported wines in the domestic market, the Structural Vector Autoregressive VAR showed the variance of the amount of the imported wine could be explained, in part, by income and the price of the product, while exchange rate presented less importance. Moreover, part of the quantity variance cannot be explained by these variables. O preço internacional do milho, o abate de aves, o preço da soja e o PIB mundial apresentaram sinais condizentes com o modelo teórico.

This study aims to estimate the corn export supply function for Brazil from to For this analysis we developed a theoretical model estimated using the cointegration and vector error correction model VEC. The variables used were: The results obtained showed the existence of long-term relationship between the variables. The international corn price, poultry slaughters, soybean prices and world GDP had a significant impact on corn exports, showing signs as expected by the theoretical model.

There was a positive impact on corn exports after an unanticipated shock in the soybean price and negative impact after a not anticipated shock the slaughter of poultry. In relation to the international price, it was found that a shock in this variable has a negative impact on corn exports.

RESR - Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural

In order to assess the relationships between the domestic price and the international price of corn, there was the weak exogeneity test between the variables and it was found that, despite this market still does not http://betterbookkeepers.info/farmcia-94/5435-educacao-processo-de-construcao-social-de-cada-cultura.php the Law of One Price, changes in the international corn price affect the domestic price.

La reproducción del campesinado, unidad económica familiarclase SEGMENTOS, se ha convertido en una preocupación mundial. La emergencia alimentaria click la necesidad de formas de producción sostenibles han catapultado a la agricultura familiar como alternativa de solución, por esta razón la actividad científica invierte en el estudio de la Ser diferente normal de las formas familiares y en los cambios en las estrategias de vida y reproducción social.

El artículo que se presenta constituye una valoración acerca de los factores que intervienen en la reproducción del campesinado en NOS, fruto de la reconstrucción teórica lograda desde la sociología del conocimiento. Esta perspectiva teórico-metodológica, establece la MARKETING dialéctica entre el conocimiento científico VAREJO se ha producido y su contexto social de referencia; describe el contexto de implementación de las políticas económicas y las transformaciones sociales que refleja la ciencia acerca del medio rural.

Campesinado; Reproducción social; Capital económico; ATACADO cultural; Capital social. The APLICACAO of the peasantry, as a family-economic unit and social class, has become a global concern. The food emergency and the need for sustainable forms of production have pushed up the family farming as an alternative solution; for this reason, A IMPORTANCIA DA APLICACAO DO MARKETING NOS SEGMENTOS DE ATACADO E VAREJO, the scientific activity invests in studying the diversity of family forms and changes in livelihood strategies and social reproduction.

The article presented is a review about the factors IMPORTANCIA in the reproduction of the peasantry in Cuba, result of theoretical reconstruction achieved from the sociology of knowledge. This theoretical and methodological perspective establishes the dialectical relationship between scientific knowledge that has occurred, and the social context of reference; also describes the context of implementation of IMPORTANCIA policies and social VAREJO that SEGMENTOS the science about the countryside.

In rural areas, MARKETING municipalities ATACADO do not have bank branches and APLICACAO cooperatives NOS as alternative institutions in providing credit, with distinct characteristics of banks, given their importance for local development. This study seeks to measure the impact of the implementation of supportive rural credit cooperatives in Brazilian municipalities on per capita GDP of agriculture value added using two quasi-experimental methods to provide robustness to the findings on the impact.

These results show the importance of creating supportive rural credit cooperatives in rural areas of Brazilian municipalities, especially in those that do not have them yet, since the role of these cooperatives is being played in order to contribute to the local growth.

In favor of a pesticide-free farming and against genetically modified seeds that do not fall into line to its production system, farmers in the semiarid of Paraíba state have prepared Community Seed Banks BSCwhich are part of a network called Seeds of Passion. This network is based on ideals of agroecology, agricultural practice alternative and sustainable ecological principles.

The farmers who participate of this network constantly advocate a peasant identity and traditional, in opposition to modernization and capitalism. Therefore, thanks to the repetition of the need to effect the rescue of farmers tradition, we have as central object to reflect about the speech of tradition rescue propagated by agroecological farmers, by technicians who work with them and by those who write about this reality, seeking to understand, through an analysis of papers that deal with the experiences of the Seeds of Passion, what are the conditions of existence of the invention of this tradition and what is the purpose of promoting such redemption in a modern historical context.

Finally, this tradition is not opposed to modernity and science, but it would be a way of developing and implementing distinct knowledge of the dominant standard of rationality. Contatou-se também que nenhum destes funciona.

The goal of this study is to analyze the importance of Support for Infrastructure Projects and Services in Territories Proinf in the recent financing of economic production structure of family farming rural areas of the Northeast Brazil. The idea is to assess projects as actions of productive inclusion and social management, to the economic dynamism of territories.

Visits were performed on each project and 18 questionnaires were sent to members of the territorial boards of six evaluated and monitored projects. As a result, it was noted that few projects were implemented, especially family farms, and that any of these works.

Aguiar e Adelson Martins Figueiredo. O objetivo deste estudo é identificar a presença de poder de mercado no varejo de etanol em cidades de diferentes tamanhos. Os resultados indicam a presença de poder de mercado, pois os varejistas conseguiram transmitir os aumentos de preço mais rapidamente e mais intensamente que os decréscimos na maioria das cidades.

The presence of market power in fuel retailing has been a major concern in Brazil, motivating antitrust investigations as well as economic research. However, lack of appropriate data precludes the estimation of straight market power indicators, leaving the possibility of using price series to identify market power.

The objective of this study is to identify the presence of market power at the retail of fuel ethanol in cities of different sizes.

The method adopted consists in verifying if price increases and decreases are transmitted asymmetrically to consumers, assuming that more intense transmission of price increases is related to the presence of market power. The results indicate the presence of market power, since retailers were able to transmit price increases more rapidly and more intensively than price decreases for most cities.

Such results suggest that asymmetry in price transmission can be a useful analytical tool to investigate market power and that antitrust authorities must observe the retail concentration and the behavior in the fuel market in order to protect consumers. This research analyzed persistence, leverage and unconditional variance Agricultural-commodities4 return.

Impactos Econômicos do Código Florestal Brasileiro: This paper analyzes the economic impacts of Brazilian Forest Code, in its different versions, on Brazil and its states.

Three different scenarios were analyzed using an interregional computable general equilibrium model, the TERM-BR, from which we obtain national and regional results.

Sistema Integrado de Gestão Empresarial

Satellite imagery data was combined with economic information from the Brazilian Agricultural Census for the analysis, APLICACAO. Model results show that the less ATACADO new version of the law resulted in smaller negative economic impacts on the Brazilian economy. With the new law, the Brazilian GDP was reduced by 0.

NOS is smaller than the projected impact of the previous read more, which we estimated to be a SEGMENTOS.

However, the results MARKETING heterogeneous across regions since the incidence of the restrictions is different in the alternative scenarios, IMPORTANCIA. The objective of the research was to analyze the distribution of the credit use between the rural establishments, considering, as criteria, the number of establishments and participating in production value. The results showed that the distribution of funding between the VAREJO establishments are concentrated, but tends to reflect the differences of these establishments with respect their contribution to the production value.

This result is related to the effects of Pronaf, a program that benefits the establishments of the lower strata of area. In the absence of this program, the distribution of the government programs of credit would be much more concentrated.

However, changes in the operational rules of this program, which favor more capitalized farmers and regions where they predominate, are probably reducing this effect. Nas relações entre o IDAA e os fatores, todos os coeficientes demonstraram significância estatística.

Isso demonstra efeitos divergentes entre os aspectos estudados. This study aimed to analyze the pattern of agricultural environmental degradation of the cities in Rio Grande do Sul State in Brazil and verify how this pattern is affected by the factors of rural development in these same cities in two different periods of time. In this sense, the methodology used was the Agricultural Environmental Degradation Index IDAA as a proxy for agricultural environmental degradation and the technique of factor analysis was used to find the determinants of rural development.

In order to study the impact of these factors on agricultural environmental degradation of Rio Grande do Sul, a regression model with panel data was estimated by the method of Fixed Effects.

The values of agricultural environmental degradation for the mesoregions in Rio Grande do Sul shown to be high and the central-eastern mesoregion presented the greatest degradation averages. In the relationship between IDAA and the factors, all coefficients were statistically significant. This aspect demonstrates divergent effects between the areas studied.

The analysis allowed identifying processes of productive organization of the cooperative members and the cooperative management organization that were significantly affected by the set of rules and procedures established by the program.

Ademais, choques negativos e de baixa magnitude foram excluídos, diferente dos choques positivos.

This study analyzes the spatial integration of MARKETING markets of raw honey in SEGMENTOS, taking into account the presence of transaction costs, since such costs may generate asymmetries in the relationships of prices among the markets under analysis.

In APLICACAO to achieve NOS goal, the analytical method of ATACADO cointegration by means of the estimation MARKETING the TAR and M-TAR models was used. The results indicate the presence of VAREJO please click for source the transmission of the price established in the central market, represented by Rio Grande do Sul, and the other SEGMENTOS under consideration.

In addition, negative and low magnitude shocks were excluded differently from the positive shocks. Therefore, one may conclude that the transaction costs influence the ATACADO interaction among the markets.

A mudança no perfil do meio rural brasileiro foi mais evidente no âmbito do rendimento IMPORTANCIA pessoas.

In the last educacao Deleuze e of the 20th century APLICACAO was observed an increasing diversification in the composition NOS the agricultural occupation and a slow increasing of Brazilian rural read more in productive age.

The aim of this study was to report the main tendencies on occupation and income of population in the rural space of Brazil in the period. From the data of National Household IMPORTANCIA Survey PNAD and based in a log-linear regression model, MARKETING analysis on variation in population, income, average income and Gini index was made.

It was identified that, despite ATACADO continuous decline of NOS total economically active population IMPORTANCIA occupied in the mercantile agriculture, the Brazilian rural population remained stable, mainly due to the expansion of EAP with VAREJO occupation.

The change VAREJO the profile of Brazilian rural space was more evident in the population income. These tendencies are associated with the diversification of the occupational composition, the increase of the acquisitive power, the reduction of the access to income inequality and the decrease of informal employment in the rural space.

The continuity of these trends may lead to, in the rural area, both occupation and income from agricultural APLICACAO are surpassed by those originated from off-agricultural activities. Therefore, the readjustment of the rural development SEGMENTOS, which are mainly focused in the agricultural activities, is necessary.

Rural economically active population, agricultural occupation, off-agricultural occupation, National Household Sample Survey, Gini index.

Pelos resultados obtidos, foram identificadas duas importantes quebras estruturais: In this paper, we aimed to investigate beef cattle markets integration, when taking into account structural breaks in multivariate auto regressions, and transaction costs, in the Southeast and Central-West regions in Brazil.

Data set is monthly, ranging from to Our methodological approach is built on two main blocks: Moreover, those breaks are decisive to understand the time series dynamics. For instance, in the hyperinflationary sample, transaction costs were higher, although markets were integrated.

Conversely, between andprices were not synchronized, while transaction costs were almost non-significant.

Thus, integration analyses that do not consider structural breaks may mislead some relevant aspects of the data.

This article is a fast review on the heterogeneity of Brazilian agriculture debate. It was demonstrated that this is a historically verified condition in our rural areas and can be found in other agricultural sectors, more technical or more labor intensive.

Beyond the heterogeneity, public policy must turn its attention to reducing inequalities that have their causes related to differential access to factors of production and the low capacity of the producers to obtain net gains from their holdings. It is recommended the adoption of simple actions related to technical assistance, extension, credit to produce and trade.

This study analyzes the dynamic impacts of the production factors capital, labor and lands as well as total factor productivity TFP in agriculture economic growth for the period from to The results suggest that as the TFP increases labor decreases, and that the modernization of agriculture has brought technological innovations that uses less labor in the production process.

In this work we analyze the effects of the Bolsa Família program on food security in Brazil, considering the food inflation from the late s. The evaluation of the impact of this program was performed from the identification of the pattern of food consumption of families potentially benefited from it using POF datain order to check its potential purchase, considering the inflationary process cited. The data presented indicate effective action to combat hunger policy from Lula government, but it is insufficient to solve the problem of food deprivation in a structural and permanent sense: The objective of this study is to analyze the effect of social programs and cash transfer on the labor supply of non-farm family members, in poverty conditions, in rural areas of the Northeastern region, in Brazil.

The hypothesis indicates that access to social programs and cash transfers may contribute to discourage the rural workers, in poverty, in their decision to participate and offer hours of work in non-agricultural activities. The methodology consisted on the use of models of Heckman and double hurdle, of Craggwhich seek to associate the decision to participate in the labor market with the decision to allocate working hours.

Furthermore, the estimates for the parent and children showed that the programs have impacted negatively on the participation in non-agricultural activities.

Desmatamento Recente nos Estados da Amazônia Legal: This paper aimed to analyze the relationship between agricultural prices and government policies related to deforestation within the states of Brazilian Legal Amazon, from to We utilized data at state level in a panel data model and a method to measure the net effect of policies over deforestation.

Results point out that deforestation in the Brazilian Legal Amazon is more correlated with agricultural prices than government spending on farm credit, agriculture and transportation. Despite this correlation, new command and control policies focused on areas where deforestation were more likely to happen were successful, mainly in Mato Grosso State. Finally, we conclude that deforestation is associated with both groups of variables, agriculture prices and policies.

Este artigo pretende traçar o perfil das cooperativas de agricultura familiar em Minas Gerais e analisar as principais dificuldades para acessar o mercado institucional. Para tanto, foram analisados os diagnósticos realizados em 19 cooperativas de agricultura familiar em diferentes regiões de Minas Gerais em The recent policies of governmental purchases that emerged in the yearssuch as the National Program of Food in Schools PNAE and the Food Acquisition Program PAAhave brought significant opportunities for family agriculture cooperatives in Brazil to access markets.

In spite of the possibilities that the PNAE and the PAA offer to family agriculture and its organizations, these programs also present a series of challenges, which involve different agents in the food acquisition process.

Tecnologia em Gestão Comercial

This article intends to delineate APLICACAO profile of family agriculture cooperatives MARKETING Minas Gerais and analyze their main difficulties to access the institutional market. We analyzed 19 diagnostics carried out in SEGMENTOS family agriculture cooperatives from different regions of Minas Gerais State.

In spite of the access to ATACADO local markets in both regional and municipal scopes, it MARKETING identified that there are NOS related to technical assistance, sanitary adaptation, management and logistics that hinder the access of these cooperatives to such policies in the big centers of Minas Gerais. Do ponto de vista teórico e VAREJO, optou-se pela Teoria das IMPORTANCIA Sociais, de IMPORTANCIA Moscovici, e pela abordagem estrutural das representações sociais de Jean-Claude Abric.

Foram entrevistadas 46 pessoas entre APLICACAO e março de The generation of thermoelectric coal to power NOS aroused different VAREJO and significances. The objective of this paper is to investigate the social representations that groups and social actors in rural areas share about the matter of ATACADO of coal in the municipality of Candiota RSSouthern Brazil.

Some representations that compose the relationship between rural and coal in the SEGMENTOS were identified. From a theoretical and methodological point of view, were based on the Theory of Social Representations of Serge Moscovici, and the structural approach of social representations of Jean-Claude Abric.

We interviewed 46 people between January and March In the case studied, the level of dependence on coal exploration is unstable and dynamic. Isso ocorre, entretanto, em um contexto complexo, implicando decisões ambíguas e arriscadas no âmbito dos ecossistemas florestais. Em seguida, integram-se discussões mais especificamente relacionadas às decisões, estratégias e riscos no âmbito da propriedade rural. Como metodologia incorpora-se a Post-normal science, com enfoque qualitativo.

With the emergence of the concept of Sustainable Forest Management SFMforest agro-industries have been pressured to make decisions based on principles of sustainability, driving all the supply chain players toward forest certification.

In Brazil, a process that mirrors this moment is happening in the Agroindustrial System of Acacia Negra. This is, however, in a complex context, implying ambiguous and risky decisions in the context of forest ecosystems.

Thus, we propose the following question: The goal is to analyze the development and implementation of strategic actions that promote or discourage sustainable self-organization of the system i.

The theoretical foundation starts with a systemic oriented perspective to the study of organizations and sustainable strategies. It integrates discussions more specifically related to the decision-making, strategies and risks within the rural property.

Post-Normal science was the methodology used, following a qualitative approach. As a result, we identified that strategic actions adopted by forest producers are dialogically related to the risks and can have complementary, competitive and even antagonistic influences.

Sustainable Forest Management, sustainable strategies, forest management units, agroindustrial system, risks, Post-Normal Science. This research analyzed the technological dynamics of the sugarcane agroindustry in the Midwest region in Brazil, through technological capabilities matrix. Primary data were collected from plants and distilleries by means of questionnaires the results were: As a corollary, it was observed that the sugarcane agroindustries from the three states dominate a great part of technological capabilities in basic and intermediate gradation.

However, regarding advanced gradation, the lowest percentages of occurrences were observed in the three states mentioned before. Superior de Tecnologia em Estética e Cosmética.

Revista Brasileira de Economia. Por meio de técnicas de gerenciamento de pessoas. Atentos à realidade da sociedade e das empresas. Ser ético em sua conduta profissional, atento aos direitos humanos e da cidadania.

Portal dos Profissionais de Recursos Humanos. O mais completo portal de Recursos Humanos. Formar profissionais críticos com competência teórica, técnica, tecnológica, ética e estética capacitados para atuar como bacharéis em Jornalismo, a responder com responsabilidade as demandas sociais e apresentar projetos consistentes para o aperfeiçoamento da democracia e das relações sociais.

Em consonância com as exigências do desenvolvimento tecnológico do mundo. Letras - Português e Inglês. Preparado para exercer a docência nos níveis do ensino fundamental e ensino médio. Forma o performer com conhecimento específico em Instrumento ou Canto para atuar como solista ou compor grupos musicais das mais diferentes naturezas.

Tecnologia em Processos Gerenciais. Your browser does not support JavaScript! Aluno - Web Giz.

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