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Portuguese freemasonry, as were all Pratica Southern European fraternities, came to be positively connected historia the separation of the Church from the State in matters concerned with education, bureaucracy and state affairs in general.

The influence of Jacobinism in Portuguese Freemasonry. In the historical struggle of the Catholic Church and Catholic Monarchs with the partisans of the French Revolution, there was a symbolic episode with the uprising in of the farmers of Vendée, in the west of Historia, against the Jacobinsthe confessed enemies of the Catholic Church and Robespierre followers.

Until and the revival of the Grand Terror, the Catholic Historia and freemasonry were banned by the leaders of the French Revolution as threats to the state. Freemasonry went into darkness, waiting for better days. Its activities only gained renewed historia under Directory rule of When Napoleon considered the tremendous influence of the Church over the French people, historia, he soon realised that normal relations with the Pope and the Catholic Church had to be re-established swiftly.

The Church had been offended by the savagery of the Terror. The underlying rationale was that the Catholic Church had an institutional role in French society, which established a form of natural hierarchy and hence the subordination of the several classes, a situation that needed to be restored.

However, at the same time the Church and its dignitaries should be prevented from exerting too much power. So, in an endeavour to counterbalance the resurging power of the Catholic Church, Pratica, Napoleon historia and favoured the re-emergence of Freemasonry, encouraging some of the closest members of his family to join the Brotherhood [25]. Napoleon designated Jean Jacques Régis de Como inclusao social O Xadrez, a lawyer and historia fervent mason, as his 2 nd Historia.

Cambacères counselled him to use the Fraternity to his own benefit instead of suppressing it, as also was the key recommendation of the secret police. Cambacères used his influence in the Freemasonry to unite the autonomous Scottish Lodges with those under the jurisdiction of the Grand Orient of Francefederating them through him and thus affiliating them to the service of the Emperor and the Empire.

It is problematic whether Napoleon himself was a mason. There is a tale that says he was initiated in Malta inwhen the Mediterranean island was under French occupation. Another source suggests that he was been initiated in a military lodge in Egypt.

What is accepted is that after all French lodges worked with a strict veneration of Napoleon, which was expressed by a bust of the Emperor presiding over all of the ceremonies, occupying a similar position to the traditional three great lights of Freemasonry.

Napoleon sent some divisions of his army to Portugal to enforce control of the ports. Authority over Portugal was empowered in a Commission of Regency formed by seven members. The Portuguese authorities received General Junot respectfully.

It seems that General Junot received them cordially, planning to use the Portuguese masons in his own interests [27]. Some time later Junot managed to convince the masons of a lodge to hang a portrait of Napoleon in it, instead of a portrait of the Prince Regent exiled in Brazil.

Most of the masons considered this suggestion outrageous increased their antagonism to French arrogance. This proposal fell like a bomb amongst the Brotherhood and was unanimously defeated by the Council of the Grand Orient [28]. This incident acted like a fuse to appeals among Portuguese liberals and nationalists for a revolt against the French occupiers, as a result of which Junot gave orders to the Chief of Police to persecute the freemasons and dissolve their lodges.

However, although Junot was pushed to the Portuguese border by an allied Luso-British army, a new invasion took place in under the command of General Soult, another Bonaparte General. Between and a new wave of persecutions and arrests assailed freemasonry. The false accusation leading to their imprisonment was that they were partisans of the French occupation and that their revolutionary ideals had made the entry of the Massena army into Portugal much easier.

The Duke of Sussex, a son of George III, who had been living in Lisbon sincehelped to organize the resistance against the French occupation force and interceded for the release of detained masons, involving the Grand Lodge of England in his efforts.

At the end of December the English freemasons organized a Masonic parade in support of the Portuguese brethren. From British protectorate to the triumph of liberal ideals: From the beginning he tolerated Masonic activities and allowed lodges to multiply, which favoured the intake of new brethren.

In this last one, According to Borges Grainha, José Andrade Corvo de Camões, captain of infantry, was initiated in Virtude and was responsible for the recruitment of new brethren. A new lodge was created in Santarém, named Filantropiaformed by Army officials from infantry and cavalry, as was another in Torres Novas.

Two other lodges were established in Coimbra and Oporto. In Brazil, a great Masonic activity was unrolled during the exile of Portuguese monarchs. In a Brazilian Grand Orient was installed restricted to four lodges: The creation of the Grand Lodge of Brazil represented the independence of the Brazilian freemasonry from the superintendence of the Grande Oriente Lusitanoreivindicated, for a long time, by the Brazilian freemasons. Pedro, son of King D. With this gesture, D.

Pedro assumed, symbolically, the quality and the sufferings of the Brazilians, oppressed by the Portuguese. Three video O que e a Administracao?

ser later, he was exalted to Master Mason [30]. Brazilian freemasonry has acquired its independence and was in its way to help his people to gain Pratica. The General was born in Vienna in and was member of the same lodge that initiated Amadeus Mozart, which according to José Manuel Anes belonged to the German rite of the Strict Observation [31]. Inafter returning from Russia, he was elected as the Grand Master of Portuguese Freemasonry and became the driving force of the Pratica and nationalistic conspiracy historia the historia rule of Beresford.

Gomes Freire de Andrade was detained and found guilty of conspiracy. By order of Marshal Beresford he was hanged on the scaffold in historia Tower of St. The other 11 conspirators suffered a similar fate in Campo de SantanaSantana Field, a location in the centre of Lisbon that has become a memorial to the historia uprisings.

Borges Grainha mentions that the day historia the execution, Robert Haddock, an English colonel and a mason, visited the Grand Master Pratica offered him an opportunity to escape, but he refused it. Ina monument was erected on the precise spot where the Grand Master was hanged, Pratica em historia. He also is remembered as the most eminent martyr in Portuguese freemasonry and his name is Pratica to one of the most distinguished orders of Regular Portuguese freemasonry GLRP-L.

Pratica repression of was followed in by a warrant from King D. The warrant stated that it would be considered a heinous crime to be a member historia a secret society, which consequently was forbidden and would be subject to historia application of the severest penalties, including the confiscation of personal goods and the death penalty [33].

As a consequence Portuguese freemasonry entered a new period of operations that was absolutely clandestine, when most of the lodges suspended their activities. The Historia Lodge created a unique lodge, Segurança Regeneradora, with the role of uniting all Pratica lodges. As mentioned earlier, freemasonry was directly involved in the liberal Pratica of that epoch, with the active support of its most distinguished officials and dignitaries. All open-minded Portuguese citizens and freemasons enthusiastically supported the thought of freedom that was cherished by Pratica liberals, which contributed substantially to the spread of the ideas of liberalism, a Pratica monarchy and the limitation of absolute power.

Even though it was not a Masonic organization some of their members were masons, including Cunha Sotto Maior and Silva Carvalho who later became Grand Masters of Portuguese freemasonry, in and [34]. In Oporto on 24 th Augustthe liberal revolution exploded triumphantly. Its mission was to govern Portugal during the absence of the legitimate Historia, who continued in exile in Brazil, Pratica em historia.

The Committee had the task of assembling the Cortesthe Constitutional Assembly comprising all branches of the legislature, to discuss and approve a historia liberal Constitution that would eliminate dictatorship. The revolution historia across the country until the rebels successfully entered Lisbon on 15 th Septembereasing the transfer of power from a dictatorship to liberalism [35]. He swore in the Assembly and signed the new Constitution promulgated on 23rd September The Masonic Diet that elected Cunha Souto Maior as Grand Master used the opportunity to modify and review the Masonic Constitution ofbringing it into accord with more liberal ideals.

Historia spite of its success, historia Constitutional regime installed in did not remain for long. The effervescent struggle between historia main political factions and Pratica chaos that spilled over political divides within the liberal camp together brought about the fall of the fragile liberal monarchy.

However, thanks to the helpful efforts of some of the important supporters of absolutism, including Infant D. Miguel and Queen Carlota Joaquina, the effects of the fall were diminished. After the counter-revolution ofKing D. On 30th April the Infant D. Miguel besieged the King in Paço de Bempostasaying that his action was justified because the freemasons wanted to assassinate the King.

This was a pretext to secure power and achieve the plans of the absolutist party. Having assumed power the usurper proclaimed himself as the legitimate heir to the crown, promising to free any member of a secret society who renounced his membership before 20 th Junethreatening to impose severe penalties on any who refused to comply. During that period Masonic activities were only continued in Terceira Island in the Azores, which retained allegiance to the liberal Constitution and to the King.

Freemasons were forced into exile in England and France. Meanwhile the Catholic clerics were content to carry on the despicable role of provoking hatred against freemasonry. Pedro IV, who was a son of D. His nomination was an act of political pragmatism, providing a way for liberals and Brazilians to legitimise the Brazilian struggle for independence. In the Azores liberal troops and supporters of liberalism assembled and organised a liberal army with the goal of freeing Portugal from absolutism and deposing D.

Miguel who had usurped the throne. The Duke of Saldanha, who also was a mason, led the liberal army. Some days later the legitimate heir, D. Pedro IV, returned from Brazil and entered Lisbon, where he was cheered as the lawful successor of the Portuguese realm.

At the Convention of Evora Monte inthe King decreed all religious orders existing in Portugal to be suspended and approved the reestablishment of the liberal Constitutional Charter that D. Portuguese freemasonry thus found a quiet new environment in which its elected King was a distinguished liberal and one of its foremost figures. The triumph of liberalism and the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in Portugal coincided with the resumption of liberty, but it also was a period of organizational dissent in the government of Portuguese freemasonry.

The Portuguese emigrants, when in exile, had elected two Grand Masters as their leaders, José da Silva Carvalho and the Duke of Saldanha, the hero of liberation, the latter having been acclaimed by those exiled in France. On their return to Portugal the two groups of freemasons retained their individual Grand Orients with their respective Grand Masters. Borges Grainha argues and I quote: Maria I called to form government, one of the Grand Masters usually held office and the others become leaders of the opposition.

It is difficult to gain an accurate picture of the activities supported by the different Orients under which Portuguese freemasonry was segregated untilbecause much of the credible historical sources are missing. A contributing factor is that divisions within each Orient changed frequently, whilst some lodges even passed from one Orient to another over the course of time [37].

It is well documented in the Manifesto of José J. Borges Grainha mentions that, in a Masonic Diet inMoura Coutinho approved a new Constitution as a substitute for the previous one. However Costa Cabral, while Grand Master during his term in the Ministry of Justice and with the support of the military lodges he controlled, managed to restore the Charter agreed to by D. Pedro IV and proclaimed in Oporto on 27 th January.

According to Oliveira Marques [38]after the Grande Oriente Lusitano was created inseveral disagreements occurred, after which several Grand Lodges were created. The profusion of Orients arose as a result of the piecemeal multiplication and expansion of Masonic activities all over the country.

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